Hi! I'm Michal, London based Czech Visual Designer

A young Designer who loves living in these exciting times when digital products are changing the way we live our everyday lives. Crazy passionate about the latest design trends, minimalism & clean design.

It's important for me to look at every part of Visual Design from the UX perspective. Every Visual Design desition must be justified by improving the UX. The right UI style can never be selected just to look pretty, it needs to support the UX end even push it to another level.

It's also important for me to always make a working prototype because static screens are just the first half of the work. The second half is how all elements interact with each other during the transition, scrolling etc. All motion needs to be considered from the early stage of a design process and needs to serve its purpose.


Visual Designer

Big Radical (ex-Monitise Create)


2013 - 2015

Digital Designer


2011 - 2013

Graphic Designer

Freelance during studies

*This website is now fairly outdated and a brand new version is on the way.